Wednesday, 6 February 2013



The screen makes a good first impression. It measures 4.2 inches, packing          768x 1280 pixels with 355 pixels per inch, which is an entirely respectable number but not up to the mark because we are in 1080p era. However, everything on this display looks extremely sharp, so your photos or high-res videos will look satisfyingly crisp.

In terms of hardware, one would rate this device 6 out of 10. This is because in Quad Core Empire, this device has only got Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon Dual-core 1.5GHz Krait Processor which is lower than the speed clock of S3, Note 2 and Nexus 4, but to clean some tears from your eyes they have installed 2gb of ram. So nothing to cheer about this device in this section and sorry BB u need more clock speed processor with at least one more core.


Z10 is running on a BlackBerry 10 operating system. The centre of BlackBerry 10 is a screen that shows your most recently opened apps, tiled in a two-by-two grid on screen. You can close apps by tapping a small cross icon in the corner of each tile, and tapping one jumps you back into that app. If you swipe up you see one more screen of recent apps, making eight in total. Oddly, that's your limit. If you open a ninth app while you have eight already open, the last-used app gets knocked off the bottom of your list, and if you open that app again by finding it in your long list of installed apps, it will open afresh, forgetting what you were last doing. In other words, it seems that you can only have eight apps multi-tasking at the same time which is so annoying. This includes the browser -- if you open more than seven apps after your last Web browsing session, the browser app will refresh, and losing tabs you had open. So BB you need to do more in this section we want more apps to be opened at background.
However, browser on BlackBerry 10 is good and feels responsive and very fast, while zooming in on a Web page is slick and easy. When looking in to BBM, BlackBerry has given its instant messaging service a serious lick of paint. Chat remains as useful as ever, providing a cash-free way of sending messages to your pals, complete with several screens of cheerful emoticons.
If you're near someone who wants to add you to their contacts, you can call up a QR code on screen that your friend waves their phone's camera in front of, and upon registering adds you to their contact list. This feature isn't new to BBM, but when tested I found it worked really well on this new smart phone.
Video calling is also slick WITH 2 Mega Pixel Camera on the front, with a good-quality video feed and decent sound.
In terms of Maps this device is going to be a big pain as there is no satellite view, for example, or the ability to put your phone into compass mode to orientate yourself on the map. The maps themselves are sluggish to load, and sometimes force close. You get driving directions, and the app can display traffic, but it doesn't do walking directions or public transport, which is especially disappointing.


By looking in to the design of Z10 people can easily judge that it borrows heavily from the iphone 5's design. But one close look at the phone make u feel that it might be a new Blackberry Z10 as it is made up of plastic and has a soft, rubbery finish layered over its rear. On the plus side, the Z10 feels very light at 137.5g, and it's only 9mm thin. The iPhone 5 is thinner by about 1mm. Beneath the rear cover you'll find access to a microSD card slot, which happily you don't need to remove the battery to use.
Z10 has 16 GB of internal storage in it and furthermore can be expandable by putting in a micro sd card upto 64 GB, so no concerns here.
In battery section this device seems to me quite weak as this one has only got 1800mAh battery which is not impressive at all.
In terms of connectivity this device has LTE, other than that it has Wifi without Tethering, Bluetooth, NFC Micro Usb port, HDMI port.
Camera seems to me good on Z10 as it has 8 MP cameras on the back with LED Flash and on the front it has 2 MP camera for video conferencing. Back camera is capable of taking 1080p video which is very good.

BlackBerry's Z10 is a decent device, with a brand-new interface and some great software features like BBM and built-in photo editing. App selection is lacking and even when you find some useful app you will feel that it is overpriced. Over priced apps and a terrible map app with slower processor as compared to other competitors mitigates the usefulness of Blackberry phone. But if you are loyal to blackberry phones and use BBM more often, nothing is better than this phone.


  1. just to let you know, modern games dont need a quad core processor. what is necessary is a strong gpu. as an example games on ios can run on an ipad 4 at only 1.4 ghz dual core but the ipad has a powervr sgx 554 mp4. the strongest mobile gpu to date. so the blackberry will play games just fine if they ever get ported to the new OS.

    1. U r 1oo % correct Ipad 4 Gpu is really powerful, but mobile are not all about gaming they need better cpu for multitasking as well.