Wednesday, 20 February 2013

HTC ONE 4.7-inch 1080p Display, 1.7 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 600, Ultra Pixel Camera With Android 4.1.2 & Sense 5: Worth To Have It OR Go For Xperia Z Or Wait For S4 ?


Despite all the loss faced by HTC in 2012, HTC reinvent their phone in 2013 in the shape of HTC One. HTC One feature 4.7 inch 1080p Super LCD 3 display supporting 468 pixels per inch and protected by Gorilla Glass 2. There is no doubt HTC One is a best pixel per inch mobile you can have in the market leaving behind Sony Xperia Z and many more in race of smart phones screens.


Htc One will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset with four Krait 300 cores clocked at 1.7GHz, 2GB of RAM and Adreno 320. In comparison to Xperia Z which has the last-gen Snapdragon S4 Pro at 1.5 GHz, which is also quite powerful we are expecting that 600 chip in Htc One would be much better. HTC One is well-positioned by HTC to take a competitive advantage and try to be early mover in the market. The phone will launch with Android 4.1.2 and HTC Sense 5, but later on it will get Android 4.2.2 which is good sign of having this phone. We are skipping a software topic here because software will be judge better when we actually get our hands on phone in March.


HTC One is one of the finest phone designed by Htc in terms of looks and build quality. HTC has always paid attention to the appearance of its phones and HTC One is one of the fine example of this. The handset has two large speaker grills situated above and below the display, with contrasting colors between the metal unibody and the glass covering the screen. The handset is available in three colors: white, dark grey and red. The back side has been curved like other HTC devices, so it can be comfortably hold in one hand. By looking at the phone itself one can easily judge that this is a premium and high-quality build phone.


HTC One measures 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3mm and it weighs 143 grams. Comparatively HTC One is longer than the height of Xperia Z that is quite surprising to me as Xperia Z has .3 inch bigger screen than HTC One (Xperia Z dimension are (131.6 x 69.3 x 9.8mm). On the other hand, One is .9 mm less wider than Xperia Z as well as it is .5mm thinner than Xperia Z. These dimensions tell us the story, if you build superior quality phones with bigger battery you end up with heavier and thickest phones.


In terms of internal memory HTC One offers 32 Giga Bytes and 64 Giga Bytes versions and unluckily like One X and One X+ there is no micro sd card slot to expand its memory that seems to me little bit frustrating factor for users and specially for those who want to carry lot of movies and songs into their mobiles. On the other hand, Xperia Z offers 16 Gigs on board storage plus we have an option to add micro sd card upto 32gb.


One of the things that you cannot forget to mention nowadays is the battery of the phones, and here i must have to say that HTC One comes up with fairly large 2300mAh battery when we take a size of this phone in to consideration. It is only 70 mAh lower than the power of Xperia Z but seems to me pretty fair when it compared to S3.


Now lot of people are little bit confused about the camera specification of this device as lot of people were expecting it to be featured with 13 megapixels camera instead of 4 mega pixels camera it actually offers. Now, this might seem like a low resolution to you, but you don’t have to worry to much about MP here. Why I am saying that you don’t have to worry about MP here because instead of increasing the megapixel count, HTC has decided to increase the megapixel size. Thanks to this, the camera sensor should be able to capture a lot more light, allowing you to take more detailed images, with less noise and better exposition. This helps Low-light photography should also be significantly better than what's possible with a conventional smartphone camera right now. HTC is introducing the term UltraPixel in HTC ONE. Basically, UltraPixel is a big pixel which captures up to 300% more light as compared to other leading smartphone cameras. It's in interesting fact that some of the best cameras currently, like those of the Iphone 5, S III and Lumia 920 have 1.4 micron pixels (the Xperia Z has 1.1 micron pixels). The HTC One, on the other hand, will sport 2 micron pixels, so basically they will be physically larger. It looks like the saying "less is more" is completely valid in this case. In addition, HTC has also introduced optical image stabilization (OIS) technology similar to the one in the Lumia 920. What OIS will do for you is to make all movement of the camera sensor smoother, resulting in a much more pleasant video recording. If you've compared video from the Lumia 920 with that of any other smartphone, you know what we're talking about. All in all, the camera of the HTC One looks really promising.


In terms of Connectivity  HTC One Offers: NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi with Wifi Hotspot, Consumer Infrared Remote Control, Hdmi cable Connectivity with special Hdmi lead and 3.5 mm Jack with Beats Audio Support.


HTC is trying to take a early mover competitive advantage by introducing HTC One in the market with brilliant mobile screen, powerful hardware and innovative design. However, to get sustainable competitive advantage, HTC must have to learn, how actually they can promote their product through advertising because they were always lazy in this sector and this could be one of the reason that led them to lower profits.  HTC One is their last hope to increase their market share in mobile industry and they should have to promote it heavily to get back in shape. In terms of Hardware, Screen and Build quality at some extent, HTC One can easily be recognised as a better phone in comparison to Xperia Z.  However, Xperia Z outclass HTC One in Durability, for example, it is Water Proof and Dust proof as well as it has micro sd card slot. These all things make Xperia Z a better phone than HTC One.  To conclude this review, i want to say that in the 1month or 2month of  time, Samsung is going to announce Samsung Galaxy S4 and there is no doubt and i hope they comeup with something really impressive to reply back HTC and Sony flasgships.

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  1. It is the best smartphone right now in the market, Samsung is announcing Galaxy S4 today, lets see if it can dominate HTC or not.