Saturday, 25 May 2013


Hello Fandroids, this is a step by step tutorial to show, how you people can connect a PS3 controller with your android devices. There are two ways to install your PS3 controller in your android devices. First one is through OTG cable and the second one is by using PC OR Laptop

Start this tutorial by looking at OTG cable method which doesnt require PC and laptops. You need four things to connect a PS3 controller with your device. 

1. Sixaxis Controller Software installed in your phone. 2. PS3 Controller. 3. OTG CABLE. 4. PS3 USB Charging cable that comes up to charge it from PS3. These things look like a below picture 

Once you have these things download a Sixaxis Controller software from a below link 

Sixaxis Controller Newer Version:

Sixaxis Controller Link:

To Pair Ps3 Controller Using PC click here:

After downloading it, access this file by getting in to your file manager which is MYFILE for Samsung devices. If you haven't got Myfile download a Dual File Manager from Play Store. Get  in it to micro sd card or internal storage download folder and install this app which is Sixaxis. It will look like a below picture in file manager download section.

Now youre ready to install a PS3 controller,  connect OTG cable with your PS3 cable like a below picture.

After connecting this cable open up a Sixaxis controller Software in your phone and you will see a msg like below picture press Yes 

Tick Sixaxis controller and you will see a msg like below picture press ok and then press back button

Now you have to connect a OTG cable with your android device with your PS3 controller connector like a below picture

After connecting your mobile with OTG cable and PS3 controller you have to press Start from Sixaxis Controller app in your mobile. After pressing start you will see a below picture type msg press Grant Access.

Now you will see a msg like below picture, if at the bottom u will see Listening for controllers that means you've done all the things correct.

Now press your PS button on your S3 controller, and your controller is working now and you will see one stable light on your PS3 controller . You dont have to connect any wire now disconnect the wires from your device. Now after taking away all the wires make sure you have press Change IME to  Sixaxis controller like below picture.

You can also play games if you have connected a wire but less the wires less mess up you're. I will update this blog to show you guys how to connect your controller withpout OTG cable soon. So stay tuned and thanks for looking this blog 


  1. hi ,I just want to know if I can use those local pc game controlter on the that has numbera instead of square,circle,triagle,x like Atek ATK Vibration ect

  2. I did everything the guide said to but when it gets listening for controller nothing happens ps3 controler just keeps flashing for a while and the app doesn't pick up the controller. Any ideas?

  3. don,t have for model gt-19100g..huhuhuhu..

  4. Do u have root file for note 3? Please share.

  5. I did all as instructed but its not working. I am using ps4 controller with root note 3. Sixaxis is showing that maximum number of clients are already connected whenever I press playstation button. Please help

    1. dont need siaxis or root to use ps4 controller with android

    2. how can use ps 4 and parrot bebop drone by opg? anyone help me?

  6. thanks for the full tutorial, so now I can Use a PS4 4 Dualshock Controller with Windows very easy
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  9. After connecting your mobile with OTG cable and PS3 controller you have to press Start from Sixaxis Controller app in your mobile. After pressing start you will see a below picture type msg press Grant doent work when get to six axis controller

  10. not work for me

    maximun nunber of clients.........that is sixaxis say..

    I useing ps3 controler...

    any solutions...

  11. Some phones and tablets do not support this function so it is wise to search the web to find if your device is compatible with this function. I explained a little as to why I was looking for an alternative to buying one online and let me go a little more in depth as to why I chose the DIY route. The top two reasons are, it would be cheaper and I wouldn't have to wait for it, You can make one for under 2 dollars with stuff you more than likely have lying around your house! USB OTG (USB On The Go) is a standard that enables mobile devices to talk to one another. Traditionally mobile devices could only connect to a Mac/PC by USB, but USB OTG makes it possible for devices to connect directly to each other.And that's not all USB OTG can do. By enabling your device to act as a USB host – that is, to be the boss of other devices that you connect to it – you can use additional hardware such as storage, keyboards or even musical instruments together with your handset.

  12. can support samsung galaxy tab s 2 ?

  13. enable an OTG connection, you must either use an OTG cable to connect the devices or, for directly connected devices, one of them must be physically configured to mimic the OTG cable connection. It might be clearer to think of the later configuration as two USB devices connected with a zero length OTG Cable.

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  15. How can I change the Bluetooth frequency or change Bluetooth input to the dualshock3 control?I can't find any pictures showing its placement.Shouldn't be hard to simply use on from anything Bluetooth and connect it after disconnecting original I simply don't know the Bluetooth input circuit is.Any help would be great I've got alot of parts,time,but no money

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