Thursday, 23 May 2013


Hello fandroids, this post will cover, how you can move applications and games on external sd card after rooting, so you can play games which you have in your external sd card and never get out of the storage. If you don't know how to root your device check a link below:

After rooting your device you can move applications and games easily in your device by using a Folder Mount software that is free to download from a play store. Below link will head you to the play store and you can download it easily from play store.

After downloading it, open Folder Mount, you will see a picture like below, press Grant Access.

Now after granting the access press + (add) which appearing in below picture 

After pressing add below picture like window pop out, in the Name section you can write any game name that you want to move to external sd card from internal storage,  it doesnt matter. 

In the Source section, you have to find a game or application file that you have stored in your internal memory choose a file folder (not a game file it self the whole folder) most of the games will appeared in Android/ Data or Obb and press tick mark, that folder will be appeared on the source section like a below picture. 

Press Yes, so it can automatically create a folder for your game in external sd card. Press tick again and you will see a windows like below picture.

Now here you have to tick a pin which is appearing at right hand side, it will go green and now close Folder Mount play your game from your external sd card (internal storage file has been moved to external sd and you have more room in internal storage) and enjoy unlimited games.

If your'e not understanding this tutorial watch a Youtube Video tutorial 

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  1. does this app require the sd card data of the game like nfs mw (around 1.83gb) to be in internal memory so that it can be moved to external sd card? if its so then its not possible for me because i have a space of around 2.05 gb which is still preoccupied!

  2. How to fix Foldermount problem on Xpera Z1 & Z Ultra

    1. Here is ur answer, sorry for late reply, write on my blog how to and the first link will solve ur problem

  3. plz reply...........................plz plz plz.............................

  4. where is the link......................

  5. any plans for doing this for Galaxy Tab 3 7.0?

  6. in my samsung sduos it shows only -install super user-gandalf only how to get remaing options dude.....:)
    due to that connection of root was failed plzzz hel me ........:(

  7. it shows ............ failed ...try another exploit if available....
    help me dude.........:)

  8. Can I do it if I rooted my device by another way? or I have to root it like what you did?

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  10. I know there will be many difficulties and challenges but I am determined to do it. If it does not succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well