Monday, 24 June 2013

How To Install TWRP In Android Device To Flash Roms And Install Kernels

Hello fandroids this is step by step tutorial to show you can we install TWRP in Android devices to flash roms and install kernels. We install kernels and flash roms in our android devices to customize android devices. Please note if you have followed my procedure to Root your S4 I9500, then please dont install TWRP in your phone because you have already got CWRM which is similar to TWRP.


Install Samsung Kies in to your PC from a below link  to install all the neccessary drivers in to your PC:

After installing Samsung Kies Open it and connect your phone it will automatically install all the drivers. If you have already installed all the drivers then dont need to open Kies just follow instructions below

Make sure you have downloaded Odin 3 from a below link :

Once you have downloaded Odin,  go to TWRP site and find your phone TWRP File.


Now above picture shows TWRP site and on top right this site  you will see Get TWRP for your device, press it and write your device name. If TWRP is available for your device you will see a list for different variant of your phones download correct TWRP (download tar file Odin flashable ).  You have to make sure that you have downloaded a tar file not a image file and it will  like a below picture in your pc. 

After downloading TWRP tar file for your device open Odin and run it  as administrator and it Odin appears like below picture 

Now after opening Odin turn off your mobile and when it gets completely off  PRESS (POWER ON AND OFF KEY + HOME BUTTON + VOLUME DOWN KEY AT THE SAME TIME). This will get you in to a downloading mode like a below picture in your phone.

After getting in to a downloading mode you have to press a UP VOLUME KEY ON YOUR PHONE and you will see a window like below picture on your phone 

Now you have to connect your phone with your PC and make sure Odin is running in your PC and in Odin you see a blue highlighted field or if you are using old version of Odin it will go yellow like a below picture ( that means all the drivers are installed for your mobile in PC). Now press PDA in Odin and search a TWRP downloaded file like below picture.

Now after pressing Start you will see a downloading bar in your Phone and in your Odin as well,let the process go it self and wait for your phone to get rebooted. After you phone get rebooted turn off your phone and when it gets completely turn off press Power ON &OFF Key + Home Button Key + Volume Up Key (release buttons when you see S4 logo in phone) to get in a TWRP mode and from here you can flash any rom and install Kernels. TWRP will look like a below picture in your phone.

To reboot your phone press Reboot and then System :). You have successfully installed TWRP.

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