Monday, 29 July 2013

Google Unveils Asus Nexus 7 With Full HD Display & Powerful Processor

Google has unveiled new Asus Nexus 7 with Android 4.3 at a price of $229 to compete with Ipad Mini, Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy Note 8.0 and Kindle. Nexus 7 also  comes up in Wifi and 4g LTE variants so the users have both choices to grab it.


Asus Google Nexus 7 packs a Full HD 7inch IPS Display supporting a resolution of 1920*1200 pixels with a pixel density of 326 ppi which is off course a major improvement from predecessor and help new Nexus to compete with upcoming Ipad Mini and Galaxy Tab 3


This time Asus without making any mistake equipped its new device with well know Snapdragon S4 1.5GHZ Quad Core Processor, the same processor used by LG in a making of Google Nexus 4. Nexus 7 gives you more powerful multitasking capabilities from its predecessor because it has 2gb of ram which will give you lag free browsing and off course nonstop multitasking. For gaming new Nexus 7 is equipped with Adreno 320 Gpu, this is the same Gpu found in famous Xperia Z, S4 Quad, Nexus 4, Htc One and many more, so without any doubt gaming will be good on this tablet.


Nexus 7 has become more lighter and thinner from its predecessor at measurements of 114×200×8.65mm and weighs 290grams, so its easy to carry and handle new Nexus 7 from its predecessor. Furthermore, Nexus 7 has stereo speakers powered by Fraunhofer.


There is not a major change in ports of Nexus 7, it features same ports that its predecessor does which are micro usb, volume up and down key, power on and off key plus microphone.

Internal Storage

Nexus 7 comes up with 16gb and 32gb like its predecessor, but unfortunately there is no micro sd card slot to expand its memory for more storage.


In terms of camera new Nexus 7 gives you a full freedom to take 1080p videos and photos from its 5mp rear camera. On the front there is 1.3 mp camera that make video calling more convenient for users by giving them a better result while video chatting.

Battery is little bit questionable for new nexus 7 as it has 3950mAh in comparison to 4325mAh battery of its predecessor.

Final Verdict

Nexus 7 seems to me a real competitor of Ipad Mini and other tablets which comes in 7 to 8inch size. Powerful processor, Android 4.3, 1080p Full HD display and camera on both sides provide Google Nexus 7 ultimate opportunity to capture some tablet market share especially when we look into the price of Nexus 7.


There is no microsd card slot on Nexus 7 so this will be little bit questionable for some users. Moreover battery is downgraded from 4325mAh to 3950mAh which may be issue for some users if the want to use New Nexus 7 for longer time.

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