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How To Root & Unroot Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini I9190 & I9195 In Easy Way

Hello Fandroid, this is a step by step tutorial to show Rooting and Unrooting of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini  I9190 & I9195This tutorial show you a safe method to root and unroot your S4 Mini I9190 & I9195 without a data loss and without harming your device unless you will do something wrong during following my instructions. Dont use rooting to pirate applications and games, only use it for productive work. I am showing you this tutorial,  because lot of people are worried about the S4 storage and want to transfer games in to their external sd card to play games and as well as they want to connect a PS3 controller with their S4. However rooting helps you to overclock  CPU speed  as well as many other things. But to keep it simple stay with the basics.

To Root your S4 I9190 and I9195 using this tutorial you need two things :

1. Samsung Kies:

Download a Samsung Kies from a Samsung Official Website directly to make sure you have correct drivers installed in your computer for your S4 Mini I9190 & I9195. Make sure you are downloading a correct Clock Work Recovery Mode from below links as I9195 and I9190 have different Clock Work Recovery Mode

2. Odin Software for rooting and installing Clock Work Recovery Mode (CWRM) your S4 I9190:   

    Odin Software for rooting and installing Clock Work Recovery Mode (CWRM) your S4 I9195:


You need to download this file because it will root your S4 I9190 and I9195. This is a winrar file so extract it using winrar on your pc and you will see 3 files after extracting it like a below picture.


Now once you have installed a Samsung Kies and open it with your S4 Mini connected with your computer,  it will automatically detect your phone and install all the necessary hardware of your phone in your computer. When you connect your phone with your pc it will look like a below picture in Samsung Kies.

After doing this step, make sure you have closed down a Samsung Kies and save GT-I9190-RootKit-v2 which you have in your  downloaded  rooting folder  (Please note you dont have to extract this file just copy and paste zip file to your phone sd card or else on external sd card.


Now you have to open ODIN Folder and you have to press a  file which is Odin3 (Run as Administrator and make sure your phone is disconnected from computer). After opening it you will see a window like below picture.

After opening this Odin file you have to turn off your S4 I9190 and I9195 by pressing power on and off key and when its get completley off PRESS (POWER ON AND OFF KEY + HOME BUTTON + VOLUME DOWN KEY AT THE SAME TIME). This will get you in to a downloading mode like a below picture in your phone.

After getting in to a downloading mode you have to press a UP VOLUME KEY ON YOUR PHONE and you will see a window like below picture on your phone 

Now when you see a above window connect your S4 I9190 or I9195 with your pc through micro usb lead and you will see a below picture like window on your PC

Here you can witness that Odin (Id-com) section has become blue in above picture. Now you have to press PDA in Odin and you have to search for a file recovery-clockwork- for I9190 and recovery-clockwork-  for I9195  which is in your downloaded  S4 Mini rooting folder.  Look at below picture to see how this file looks like. 

Now double tap on the file it will be added to Odin and press Start in Odin =and leave your phone as it is. After starting a process you will see a window like below picture in your phone with downloading bar  

In your PC you will see a picture like below in Odin

Green Box will be highlighted in Odin just above the blue box which illustrates that you have did all the things correct. Now during this process your mobile will get reset and when it vibrates Hold Home Button and Volume UP button at the same time to enter in CWMR which looks like a below picture. If you have forget to do that and want to get into CWMR , power off your device and press POWER ON AND OFF KEY + HOME BUTTON + VOLUME UP KEY at the same time when you see S4 logo release Power On and Off key but keep on Holding Home Button and Volume Up key until you get in CWMR.

Now here you have to select a Install Zip option which you can see on above picture using a down volume key and then press home button to select it. Now when you press Install Zip you will see a picture like below picture and here you have select ( choose zip from sd card) if you have save your GT-I9190-RootKit-v2  to sd card or else  if you have saved in external sd card use down volume key to select external sd card. In this case i have chosen sd card because i have saved GT-I9190-RootKit-v2 in sd card. 

Now you will see another window like below picture and here you have to select 0/ by pressing home button 

Now after pressing 0/ you will see a list of folders that you have on you internal memory or you can say sd card and here you have to select a folder where you have saved GT-I9190-RootKit-v2. In a below picture i have saved it in Download Folder and i select it by pressing Home button 

Now here you will see GT-I9190-RootKit-v2 inside download folder press home button to begin rooting your device like a below picture 

Now Once you select GT-I9190-RootKit-v2 you see a window like below picture and you have to select Yes here 

Now you will get proceeding like below picture

Once you see complete msg press back button key on you S4 Mini and reboot system and after rebooting your system you will a below type of msg on your S4 MINI. 

You have successfully installed Super Su on your S4 Mini with CWRM and ready to flash any rom or kernal.



Its very easy to Unroot Samsung Galaxy 4 I9190 I9195 after rooting it. Make sure you have installed proper drivers by installing Kies on your PC. If you have followed my steps to root your device, you must have all the drivers installed by now. If you have not did rooting by looking at the above tutorial, then just have a quick go at Rooting process (Step 1). To unroot  S4 I9190 I9195 you need three things which are going to take little bit longer than rooting your phone. 

1. Download a firmware  for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9190 from sam mobile site:

   Download a firmware  for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9195  from sam mobile site

When you press the above link you will see a window like a below picture to download a S4 Mini firmware.

This site needs registration, but registration is free and after that you can download a firmware. This file is going to take a little bit more time to download because file size is around 950mb

After downloading a file you have to extract it using a winrar and after extracting it you will find two files inside a folder like below picture

Now after extracting firmware open Odin again

Now shut down your mobile and when its get completely off Press Power On Key + Home Button + Down Volume key at the same time to get into a downloading mode like below picture on your phone 


Now here you have to press Up Volume Key to continue and you will be entered in a window like below picture  


Now connect your phone with PC and open Odin in your PC (Run as Administrator) and Odin first box will go sky blue like a below picture, if you have successfully installed all the drivers. Make sure that  Samsung Kies is not running in your PC.

Now press PDA  to find out your downloaded S4 I9190 Firmware which you have downloaded from Sam mobile (make sure you have extracted the file using winrar). Your firmware should be look like a below picture on your PC. Make sure only two things are ticked in Odin: Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time like a below picture when you add a firmware to ODIN.

Now press start and if Odin gives you a message dont responding like a below picture now worries because its going to respond after taking its time 

Now when its start responding you will see a below like picture on your Pc and Phone, dont touch anything now 


After all the downloading process get complete you will see a picture like below in your PC and your phone will be restarted automatically.

Now you have to make a backup of your files  using Samsung Kies, so you will not loose your internal storage files, if you have saved all the things in your external sd card no worries. After making a backup, power off your phone and Press Power Key + Up Volume Key + Home Button at the same time and you will see a below like picture on your phone.

Now here from down volume key go to wipe data/ factory reset and press power button. Now you will see a below like picture 

Now use down volume key again and select Yes--delete user data by pressing power button
and  below picture like window comes up and here you have to press reboot system now by pressing power  key. Now reboot will take little bit longer because we are installing a firmware. Thats it you have successfully unrooted your device, claim your warranty or else sell your phone if you want to :). 

To get rid of the the warnings about applications doing not permitted actions, delete the following files from system/app
  • KNOXAgent.apk
  • KNOXStore.apk
  • ContainerAgent.apk

Video tutorial is here on Youtube:

Sunday, 25 August 2013

LG Announced G2 To Compete Against Upcoming Note 3 and Sony Ultra


LG G2 packs 5.2 True Hd IPS + Lcd  display with a resolution of 1080×1920 resolution supporting a pixel density of 424  that is considerably higher than Xperia Z Ultra 346 pixels per inch, but let see what we will get on Note 3 and Htc One Max.


LG G2 is powered with Android 4.2.2 and runs on LG UI. It consists of Quad Core Snapdragon 800 processor that is clocked at 2.26 GHz with 2GB of Ram and Adreno 330 Gpu for gaming. We have already seen the power of Adreno 330 Gpu and Snapdragon 800 processor on Xperia Z Ultra and there is no deny that this will boost LG reputation in the market, but there are some rumors that Note 3 and Htc Max will come up with  2.4ghz Snapdragon 800 Quad Core processor and will be packed with 3GB of ram


Lg has put lot of effort in making Lg G2 display close to the bezels so the users can take full advantage of 1080p display and hold their  phone without any additional heft and 
on back we have plastic. Lg G2 design is not as impressive as Sony Xperia Z Ultra and i hope Htc One Max will be build up with almunium by Htc in future. The only device which will be little bit similar to G2 design is upcoming Note 3.


Lg G2 has volume rocker and power on and off key at the  back just below 13Mp Snapper and unluckily like an Iphone 5 3.5mm jack is at the bottom side of the phone which is little bit annoying  for users.

Internal Storage

G2 has 32gb and 64gb of internal storage and unfortunately there is no micro sd card slot to expand its memory furthermore. This will be little bit questionable for Lg because Note 3 will be ported with Sd card slot and we have also seen this port on Xperia Z Ultra already.


Lg G2 packs 13mp Snapper and on the front of  we have 2.1 MP camera. Camera pixels are looking me considerably good as they are already higher than 8mp camera of Xperia Z Ultra. However Note 3 will come up with the same Mega Pixels and definitely give hard time to LG G2 in the future.


G2 has 3000 mAh battery which seems to me pretty fair specially if we look at the size of G2. 

Early Final Verdict (Waiting for Note 3 and Htc One Max to Launch)

     1.  Better Display than Xperia Z Ultra
     2. 13 Mp Snapper at the back with Led Flash 
     3. Screen stretched nearer to the bezel to enjoy Full 1080p Display
4   4. Packs powerful cpu, gpu in comparison to other devices.

     1. Made up of plastic
2   2. No micro sd card slot