Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How To Root & Unroot Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini I9190 & I9195 In Easy Way

Hello Fandroid, this is a step by step tutorial to show Rooting and Unrooting of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini  I9190 & I9195This tutorial show you a safe method to root and unroot your S4 Mini I9190 & I9195 without a data loss and without harming your device unless you will do something wrong during following my instructions. Dont use rooting to pirate applications and games, only use it for productive work. I am showing you this tutorial,  because lot of people are worried about the S4 storage and want to transfer games in to their external sd card to play games and as well as they want to connect a PS3 controller with their S4. However rooting helps you to overclock  CPU speed  as well as many other things. But to keep it simple stay with the basics.

To Root your S4 I9190 and I9195 using this tutorial you need two things :

1. Samsung Kies:

Download a Samsung Kies from a Samsung Official Website directly to make sure you have correct drivers installed in your computer for your S4 Mini I9190 & I9195. Make sure you are downloading a correct Clock Work Recovery Mode from below links as I9195 and I9190 have different Clock Work Recovery Mode

2. Odin Software for rooting and installing Clock Work Recovery Mode (CWRM) your S4 I9190:   

    Odin Software for rooting and installing Clock Work Recovery Mode (CWRM) your S4 I9195:


You need to download this file because it will root your S4 I9190 and I9195. This is a winrar file so extract it using winrar on your pc and you will see 3 files after extracting it like a below picture.


Now once you have installed a Samsung Kies and open it with your S4 Mini connected with your computer,  it will automatically detect your phone and install all the necessary hardware of your phone in your computer. When you connect your phone with your pc it will look like a below picture in Samsung Kies.

After doing this step, make sure you have closed down a Samsung Kies and save GT-I9190-RootKit-v2 which you have in your  downloaded  rooting folder  (Please note you dont have to extract this file just copy and paste zip file to your phone sd card or else on external sd card.


Now you have to open ODIN Folder and you have to press a  file which is Odin3 (Run as Administrator and make sure your phone is disconnected from computer). After opening it you will see a window like below picture.

After opening this Odin file you have to turn off your S4 I9190 and I9195 by pressing power on and off key and when its get completley off PRESS (POWER ON AND OFF KEY + HOME BUTTON + VOLUME DOWN KEY AT THE SAME TIME). This will get you in to a downloading mode like a below picture in your phone.

After getting in to a downloading mode you have to press a UP VOLUME KEY ON YOUR PHONE and you will see a window like below picture on your phone 

Now when you see a above window connect your S4 I9190 or I9195 with your pc through micro usb lead and you will see a below picture like window on your PC

Here you can witness that Odin (Id-com) section has become blue in above picture. Now you have to press PDA in Odin and you have to search for a file recovery-clockwork- for I9190 and recovery-clockwork-  for I9195  which is in your downloaded  S4 Mini rooting folder.  Look at below picture to see how this file looks like. 

Now double tap on the file it will be added to Odin and press Start in Odin =and leave your phone as it is. After starting a process you will see a window like below picture in your phone with downloading bar  

In your PC you will see a picture like below in Odin

Green Box will be highlighted in Odin just above the blue box which illustrates that you have did all the things correct. Now during this process your mobile will get reset and when it vibrates Hold Home Button and Volume UP button at the same time to enter in CWMR which looks like a below picture. If you have forget to do that and want to get into CWMR , power off your device and press POWER ON AND OFF KEY + HOME BUTTON + VOLUME UP KEY at the same time when you see S4 logo release Power On and Off key but keep on Holding Home Button and Volume Up key until you get in CWMR.

Now here you have to select a Install Zip option which you can see on above picture using a down volume key and then press home button to select it. Now when you press Install Zip you will see a picture like below picture and here you have select ( choose zip from sd card) if you have save your GT-I9190-RootKit-v2  to sd card or else  if you have saved in external sd card use down volume key to select external sd card. In this case i have chosen sd card because i have saved GT-I9190-RootKit-v2 in sd card. 

Now you will see another window like below picture and here you have to select 0/ by pressing home button 

Now after pressing 0/ you will see a list of folders that you have on you internal memory or you can say sd card and here you have to select a folder where you have saved GT-I9190-RootKit-v2. In a below picture i have saved it in Download Folder and i select it by pressing Home button 

Now here you will see GT-I9190-RootKit-v2 inside download folder press home button to begin rooting your device like a below picture 

Now Once you select GT-I9190-RootKit-v2 you see a window like below picture and you have to select Yes here 

Now you will get proceeding like below picture

Once you see complete msg press back button key on you S4 Mini and reboot system and after rebooting your system you will a below type of msg on your S4 MINI. 

You have successfully installed Super Su on your S4 Mini with CWRM and ready to flash any rom or kernal.



Its very easy to Unroot Samsung Galaxy 4 I9190 I9195 after rooting it. Make sure you have installed proper drivers by installing Kies on your PC. If you have followed my steps to root your device, you must have all the drivers installed by now. If you have not did rooting by looking at the above tutorial, then just have a quick go at Rooting process (Step 1). To unroot  S4 I9190 I9195 you need three things which are going to take little bit longer than rooting your phone. 

1. Download a firmware  for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9190 from sam mobile site:

   Download a firmware  for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9195  from sam mobile site

When you press the above link you will see a window like a below picture to download a S4 Mini firmware.

This site needs registration, but registration is free and after that you can download a firmware. This file is going to take a little bit more time to download because file size is around 950mb

After downloading a file you have to extract it using a winrar and after extracting it you will find two files inside a folder like below picture

Now after extracting firmware open Odin again

Now shut down your mobile and when its get completely off Press Power On Key + Home Button + Down Volume key at the same time to get into a downloading mode like below picture on your phone 


Now here you have to press Up Volume Key to continue and you will be entered in a window like below picture  


Now connect your phone with PC and open Odin in your PC (Run as Administrator) and Odin first box will go sky blue like a below picture, if you have successfully installed all the drivers. Make sure that  Samsung Kies is not running in your PC.

Now press PDA  to find out your downloaded S4 I9190 Firmware which you have downloaded from Sam mobile (make sure you have extracted the file using winrar). Your firmware should be look like a below picture on your PC. Make sure only two things are ticked in Odin: Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time like a below picture when you add a firmware to ODIN.

Now press start and if Odin gives you a message dont responding like a below picture now worries because its going to respond after taking its time 

Now when its start responding you will see a below like picture on your Pc and Phone, dont touch anything now 


After all the downloading process get complete you will see a picture like below in your PC and your phone will be restarted automatically.

Now you have to make a backup of your files  using Samsung Kies, so you will not loose your internal storage files, if you have saved all the things in your external sd card no worries. After making a backup, power off your phone and Press Power Key + Up Volume Key + Home Button at the same time and you will see a below like picture on your phone.

Now here from down volume key go to wipe data/ factory reset and press power button. Now you will see a below like picture 

Now use down volume key again and select Yes--delete user data by pressing power button
and  below picture like window comes up and here you have to press reboot system now by pressing power  key. Now reboot will take little bit longer because we are installing a firmware. Thats it you have successfully unrooted your device, claim your warranty or else sell your phone if you want to :). 

To get rid of the the warnings about applications doing not permitted actions, delete the following files from system/app
  • KNOXAgent.apk
  • KNOXStore.apk
  • ContainerAgent.apk

Video tutorial is here on Youtube:


  1. Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting.I will be waiting for your next post.
    root android

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  3. Hi, I'm from Mexico, but I haven´t found the mexican firmware to my s4 mini, Can I flash other firmware or not?

  4. hello from cyprus, am ready to get my new s4 mini soon, after that can i install any os from android? for example the new version 4.3.2 ?

    1. No, you can only install firmwares which are available for your device on sam mobile site

  5. hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)

  6. hi, thank you so much for your tutorial. After recovery the original firmware, the recovery comes with android triangle. Did you have any idea to remove it ?

    1. Use triangle away, write how to root samsung galaxy s4 i9505 on my blog and go to unrooting section of that post to download triangke away

    2. Use triangle away, write how to root samsung galaxy s4 i9505 on my blog and go to unrooting section of that post to download triangke away

  7. Hi. My mini is GT-I9197 ... do I use I9190 or I9195? Thanks

    1. Hi there, you cannot use this method, i have universal software root guide onmyblo and here is a link:

      Do all the things as i am doing on the above guide, if this works for you then its all done, above guide will not harm your device, watch it out if you need any help just give me a msg here

    2. Thanks for the reference. I am just trying to root the device so I can have admin privileges. All I want to do is recover a photo and text thread that was deleted. I have found a data recovery app that requests me to root the device ... am I heading in the right direction?

  8. Sorry, just to add I have already established Developer access and activated USB Debugging

  9. Hello. I have been reading in different forums and some say i have to make a backup of my telephone imei so if it gets corrupted you can get it back. Do I need to do this for this method?

    1. Its obvious that you have to make a backup :)

    2. Yes. Thats what I think. Do you have a tutorial or a link where it explains how can i backup the EFS/IMEI folder before rooting and flashing? I have found some but the phone needs to be rooted!
      Thanks again.

  10. Hi, great tutorial but:
    I've done everything like you said and everything was done with success but after rooting I have always strange security alerts on my s4 mini and I can't turn it off :/ It's sth like "Information about security: Device has detected that the application tries to perform unauthorized actions"
    Can you know something about it? How to turn it off?

    Thanks ;)

    1. To get rid of the the warnings about applications doing not permitted actions, delete the following files from system/app

      I hope this is going to help :)

    2. It works!!! Thanks a lot!!! :)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. how do i get in the system/app - and how do i delete the necessary files?

  11. Hi LionKing, great Tutorial,
    i face one problem,
    when i get into the recovery mode i see a different screen, not what you have postet.
    i thought no problem, opened odin and connected my GTI9195,
    but nothing happens.

    the screen in the recovery mode looks like the very last picture you posted in this post,
    but not like the first one you show of the recovery mode.

    please help me. do you know whats the problem?

    1. Hi there, plz watch a video tutorial as well. Make sure u have successfully installed all the drivers of ur phone in ur pc. Lastly make sure u r downloading a correct cwm with root for ur device from this blog thanks

  12. Hi, thanks for reply.
    I watched your tutorial video twice :)
    i installed all the drivers through samsung kies and i downloaded the correct file (in my case GTI9195)

    I forgot to mention:
    i bought the phone a few weeks ago in Germany, i have the latest firmware on it and everything is up to date.
    Maybe this causes problems.

    I thought may to downgrade the firmware should solve this issue.
    Or may this way to root doesn´t work on s4 mini bought in Germany.
    What´s your opinion?

    1. In Addition: I recognised that i immediatly get into the recovery mode and never into the download mode by pressing voloume up+menu+power buttons.

      That´s maybe the main cause. But how to fix this?

    2. You dont have to press up volume key you have to press down volume key, please make sure you are doing all the things correct. If this rooting method not working for you then try to downgrade your firmware and use this method.

    3. excuse me bro, i want to ask you, why my s4 mini always lag when i was gaming? i saw in youtube, that person's s4 mini didn't had any lag. can you tell me what is going on? thanks :)

  13. Well - I´m sorry about that - the problem was my idiocy.
    Now i did like u said, voloume down instead of up
    i entered download mode x)

    I will apply now your tutorial and tell you how it worked :)
    Thanks a lot bro

    1. Thats why i said to you read all the things carefully, u r wlcme always :).

    2. Yes, who is able to read has a great advantage in life ;)
      it´s maybe to recommend first to read the tutorial carefully and then applying it by reading a second time.

      I like your tutorial, you made a great video, you have high quality pictures and very well explained all the steps.

      keep on doing this android stuff xD

  14. successful rooting after 1st try, get reboot messages from phone gt i9190. should i reboot? where do i get the system folder? by the way thanx for this. help alot. straightforward and easy

  15. Hi LionKing, great Tutorial,
    i face one problem, my device is s4 mini GT-I9195, after rooting this a message in triangle popping up every time like 'detection information : The device has detected an application attempting an unpermitted actions. To protect your device it is recommended you reboot'. And when i am connecting my device to pc via usb using kies software , it is not coming in my pc. please help me.

    1. Please look at the bottom of this post for this solution

  16. Hello,i am unable to download the Odin Software for rooting and installing Clock Work Recovery Mode (CWRM) your S4 I9195. I had download the program putdownload and use it to download the file.
    But i recieve message from the putdownload program, it is unable to download the file

  17. hi there I am sorry to hear about your problem there is maybe a problem of your ip address because I just checked my link and its working perfectly fine

  18. Hello, I followed the steps to ROOT the GT-i9195 and after running Odin and and selecting the files and so and once the device vibrate I enter the recovery mode with CWM and when I select install zip and hit power button, it goes back first in menu which is reboot system now. It doesn't open the sub-list for install zip and the funny thing is that now when try to run update, it doesn't work like I have lost genuine samsung OS. How to solve this? I made sure to repeat literally everything you did and it doesn't work. I used WinZip by the way...Thanks!!!

  19. Please Urgent help needed*********************
    Hello I followed your guide for rooting. Thank you worked a treat.

    Now I tried to unroot and I have taken latest firmware from Samsung per your link. Odin completed but phone (S4 mini GT-i9195) now shows:-
    image size too large!! W:1080, H1920
    display image fail

    Please help as now I cannot do anything on my phone :-(

    1. Hi there, this shows that you have downloaded a wrong firmware, try to download a correct firmware please to overcome this problem.

    2. Hi Azam, Thank you for quick reply. I have tried a few different firmware versions but still get the same error.
      Please advise what is correct firmware? I am in UK and phone was bought from amazon so it totally unlocked. It's Smasung Galaxy S4 mini. Before this error I am sure I saw gt-i9195.
      I have tried:-
      under SmartPhone > Android > GT-I9195 - Galaxy S4 Mini LTE > United Kingdon - BTU
      United Kingdom 2013 September 4.2.2 I9195XXUAMH2
      United Kingdom 2013 June 4.2.2 I9195XXUAMF5

      Please advise what firmware I need.

      Many thanks

    3. btu is a correct firmware are u extracting the file using winrar or not

    4. Hey Kristian, can you pass me the link from where you downloaded BTU firmware?? I have the same problem that you have

  20. Yes I used winrar.
    Got two files. .DLL & .md5. Select .md5 in Odin and start.
    Odin finishes "pass" phone reboots but I get the error "image too large...."

  21. Hello, I am from Peru ... if I read tutorial which is an excellent contribution to our s4 mini, my question is if the root only works with the models mentioned. could work with I9195L .. from already would be grateful for your response. thank you very much.

    1. Please Azan, what would your answer to my question. I hope you help me.

    2. Hi there, this root is not available for your s4 mini, but what you can do is that you can check vroot to root your device and for unrooting you use a same method i have shown you here. On my blog at right top write how to root and unroot lg g2 , use same procedures on that post to root your device.

  22. Hi i rooted my phone well, but where can i found the directory : system/app ? to delete the files for not having the security notifications ?

    1. Please look at the bottom of a page

  23. Please azam, any help to fix my phone?
    My original thread has been used by other people asking different questions.
    I've tried all 3 firmware for UK btu gt-i9195
    Each one says image to large. This must mean the boot image. No?
    What else can I do?
    I am using winrar to extract the firmware once downloaded from Samsung.

    Any help greatly appreciated

  24. Got it working! Respect to the authors of this guide.

  25. Hi azam, I take it by no reply you are as stumped at this error as I am?
    I guess my phone is a paper weight ..

  26. Hi, only what i can't found is this KNOXAgent files.. where are this files? In root folder on internal memory of phone?

  27. i instal stock rom download from for my galaxy s4mini i9195 lte but after rebooting a massage will be appear on secreen , image size too larg ,w1080 , h1920 and secur fail.kernal.befor i rooted my phone and instal sustom rom downlaod from android 4.3.1 carbon jb. so what i can fix it . please help me for this matter.

  28. I canť delete these files... Message is: " *.apk cannot be deleted"
    Any ideas why?


  30. I got Secure Kernel Fail when I tried to go back to stock without root, What can I do now? I know there's something else to do but KNOX is driving me crazy

    1. Hi Fernando,
      You got this error as you has installed the wrong firmware version.
      Example... I am in UK and bought new s4mini from amazon. So I assumed correct firmware version would be the most recent UK fireware on Samsung site.
      How wrong was I!
      I got image to large. And secure fail kernal error on screen.
      I checked the Samsung box and it turned out that the phone is French.
      So downloaded latest French firemare and voilà hey presto I have a working phone again.

      Good luck

  31. I tried to Root my SAMSUNG S4 MINI I9192 but something went wrong, during the CWMR, after selecting the GT-I9195-RootKit-v2 zip file, it never went thru that screen with lots of "No, No, No" to select "Yes". It rooted the phone directly and, after rebooting, it got stuck on the SAMSUNG logo screen forever.

    Please help!!!

    1. These rooting files only supports i9195 and i9190 why u have used them for i9192

  32. Evening,

    I have been following the steps outlined by you without issue until the below step

    Green Box will be highlighted in Odin just above the blue box which illustrates that you have did all the things correct. Now during this process your mobile will get reset and when it vibrates Hold Home Button and Volume UP button at the same time to enter in CWMR which looks like a below picture. If you have forget to do that and want to get into CWMR , power off your device and press POWER ON AND OFF KEY + HOME BUTTON + VOLUME UP KEY at the same time when you see S4 logo release Power On and Off key but keep on Holding Home Button and Volume Up key until you get in CWMR.

    I am unable to get into CWMR. I keep getting took into recovery mode with the below options

    Reboot system now
    apply update from AOB
    apply update from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cache

    At no point can i get the install zip file option.

    Can you please advise where I am going wrong and what steps I should follow to complete the rooting ?

    Many Thanks in advanced....

    1. Hi there, as soon as your phone get vibrate you have to press above mention buttons, you cannot delay the procedure its case sensitive

    2. Evening,

      Thank you for the above advice, I finally got the phone rooted.
      I am now trying to unroot the phone and just wanted to double check the firmware i need.
      In the picture in your tutorial it shows you selecting the GT-19505-Galaxy S4 LTE UK- BTU

      I have the Samsung Galaxy GT-19195 S4 mini UK, I see the below option available

      GT-19195-Galaxy S4 mini LTE - UK - BTU

      Could you please advise which firmware I should download to unroot the phone ?

      Thanks in advance.....

    3. Choose a firmware that your device has, if u have gt i9195 then choose a same firmware thanks :)

  33. Hello,
    Thank you for your guidance, but I've facing a problem. At the end, I can't find the three files that must be deleted. I've tried to search them weather on my android device or on my PC. Untill now the warning message still pop-up on my android.

    Please help me.


    1. These files are in application manager or else download another uninstall like titanium back up

  34. i cant connect to samsung kies

    please help me

  35. hi
    i have s4 mini i9190
    odin 3 doesn't os is windows 8 x64

  36. Azam Khan - unroot worked perfectly. Thanks Man!!

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  38. Great blog , well done. Clear and precise. Helped me a lot to unroot S4 mini GT-i9195 as I was having serious issues with Knox blocking apps, root permissions etc. and some apps just not working at all like , Zedge , Reddit is fun.

  39. hello community

    well i messed up, will trying to root the phone, i acidentaly didnt install the zip file, then i install with "odin" the firmware from sammob, now, appears some messeges in the downloading menu

    warranty void:00etc

    when i try to get in the booting screen only appears in red

    image size to large1 0:1000, h:1028
    dysplay image fail
    secure fail:kernel

    i got it working. Instead of using the recovery tool, i used the normal firmware upgrade tool of kies. And yes, it connected to my phone in download mode and recovered without problem.
    The only thing left is that during all my recovery efforts, i managed to get the knox warranty void 0x1
    trying too root again....and now installing sammobile firmware, but now i can´t unroot....same kernel error appears, that is to large.....

  40. I've a I9195but this method doesn't work. I don't get the same message on my mobile when I start recovery. I just get an option "apply unpdate from external storage". When I choose this one and choose the file I get an error message "SIgnature verification failes". Do you have an idea how to solve? Thx in advance.

  41. hi, managed to install files ,but when it says press home to reboot my home button has stopped working , any ideas would be appreciated

  42. I find the solution to my problem. When the mobile restart after Odin step, you have to push down the volume up and home button but NOT the power off/on button

  43. Sorry guys... Where do i find 'downloaded rooting folder' to find the GT-I9190-RootKit-v2?

  44. on the phone or computer firstly?

  45. Hello! i have a problem when conect my samsung s4 mini is detected like MTP!!!! HOW do for detected like mass Storage??

  46. Hi I tried to register on the Sam mobile site but nothing happen when I press the register button after filling in all data.
    Is it possible to get the firmware from any other site?
    Thank you for a very helpful site.

  47. Thanks bro... rooting and unrooting worked perfect!

  48. i installed clockwork but i did not go to recovery mode immediately via ODIN
    now im trying to re-install it again but its not GOING IN MY PHONE

  49. i have rooted my galaxy gt I9195 using your video. but know it is notifying me saying "UNAUTHORISED ACTIONS HAVE BEEN DETECTED", please tell me what i have to do. is unrooting the only option?

  50. I'm hoping you're still operational and answering queries because I downloaded the file and unrar'd it. but there doesn't seem to be an odin folder, just the exe for odin is sitting the open, could I get the odin 3 for your GT-i9195 instead of the GT-i9190 but still use the GT-I9190-RootKit-v2 zip?

  51. hi bro.... please help me ihave s4 mini I9192 and i want to root it. but as u know this post is for I9190 and I9195 and i can't do anything ..plz help me..this is very nesseccery for me ..i'm waiting for you'r answer.

  52. I have roorted my samsung i9195 but after reboot, the phone constantly gives me unathorised access blocked.How can I fix that? is it rooted?

    1. If you look at the bottom of this blog page you will find out a solution thanks

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. thanx , there is in way to unlock gt i9195 ?!

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