Sunday, 15 September 2013

Apple Reveiled Iphone 5C In 5 Different Colours With A6 Chip

Apple unveiled its latest addition to its Iphone series with different colours in the shape of Iphone 5C in numerous colours with 4 inches of Retina display, IOS 7, A6 chip that found on Iphone 5. The phone itself doesn’t varies too much from Iphone 5 except its available in different colours


Iphone 5  supports 4inch Retina Display that supports 1136 x 640 resolution with 326 pixels per inch which seems to me similar to Iphone 5 & Iphone 5S. This display seems to me backward integration from Apple as now we can see 1080p devices on many Android devices with higher pixels per inch  and one of the great example is Htc One and S4.


Iphone 5 is powered with A6 chip which gives you CPU and graphics performance similar to Iphone 5. A6 consist of 1.2 Ghz Dual Core clock speed with 1GB of ram and 543mp3 gpu that makes Iphone 5c similar to the speed of Iphone 5.


Iphone 5C is made of plastic from the back in different colours and to make life more colourful its available in five different colurs White, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink and measures 124.4 x 59.2 x 8.9mm and only weighs 132 grams. I am not impressed with the design of this phone because its taller, wider, thicker and heavier than Iphone 5S and even as compared to Iphone 5.


Iphone 5s is integrated with IOS 7 with iOS 7 takes full advantage of the advanced technologies built into iPhone — including the 64-bit A7 chip and Touch ID. And it introduces great new features like smarter multitasking, AirDrop and Control Centre.

Internal Storage

Iphone 5C comes up in 2 variants 16GB, 32GB to save more contents on your phone.


The Iphone 5s packs 4G LTE  connectivity with Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, AGPS, Wifi Tethering and packs all other connectivity options that we have on Iphone 5.


Iphone 5C has 1440mAh battery which is similar to Iphone 5


Iphone 5s has 8 mega pixel camera at the back and on the front we have 1.2MP camera.

Final Verdict

To give my final verdict we are going to use a SWOT analysis below


Iphone 5c is available in different colours. However i don’t know whether its going to make a big impact through its hardware to customers or not as it has same specs that we have on Iphone 5.


One of the weaknesses I have found in Iphone 5C is its build quality and hardware which seems to me out dated as compared to other device at a price tag of 400 to 500 pounds. 


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