Sunday, 3 November 2013

How To Go Back To Stock Firmware On Sony Xperia Z, Z1 & Z Ultra In Ease

This post will show you how can you go back to stock firmware on all Xperia devices including Sony Xperia Z1, Xperia Z & Xperia Z Ultra in easy and simple way with screenshots. The main purpose of this post is to go back to stock firmware if you are not happy with the latest firmware. Some of the Sony devices like Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z Ultra also loose root if you will update your devices to Firmware 14.1.G.2.257. This post will help you to go back to stock firmware and then you can root your device using a chinese VROOT method that I have posted on my blog using a below link.

Now follow Step by Step Guide to go back to Stock Firmware on Xperia Z1, Z Ultra. 


Make a full backup of your devices using a Sony Companion software before starting this process as it can remove all the data on your phones. After making a full back up, download and install a Flashing tool from a below link:

Once flash tool downloaded on your PC extract it using a winrar and install it on your PC. After installing it on your PC, you will have a flashing tool black icon like a below picture where the cursor is pointed on your PC


Download a correct Stock Firmware for your Xperia Devices (This is the main point please dont ignore it and download a correct firmware). Below link will help you to goto Xda Forum and you would able to download a stock firmware for your Xperia Z1 all variants and second link will help you to download a stock firmware for your Sony Xperia Z Ultra. If you have other Xperia Devices just follow below screenshots to know how can you search your device firmwares from Xda Developers.

1st Link For Xperia Z1 Stock Firmware:

2nd Link For Xperia Z Ultra Stock Firmwares:

Screenshots To Search your device Stock Firmware from XDA FORUM

In the above screen shot you can see that i have written something on the right top search icon of Xda forum (Stock Firmware for Xperia Z1). You have to write the same thing, but with your Xperia device name. After that you will see series of link like a below picture on XDA FORUM. 


Now after download a Stock Firmware for you device you have to move your stock firmware file to your PC drive C:/ Flash Tool/Firmware. Follow screen shots below to see what I am doing in PC.

Now in the above picture you can see than i have pasted the stock firmware of Xperia Z Ultra that i have downloaded from XDA Forum in to Flash tool inside Firmware folder. If you want to go back to any other stock firmware just apply a same procedure with your device stock firmware. 

PLEASE NOTE: The X10_V1_BLRelock  file in above picture will be remain intact with flash tool dont try to delete it and just copy and paste your device stock firmware here.


Now after copying your Stock Firmware in to Flash tool, open up flash tool as shown in below picture and press black flash icon which is appearing in flashing tool software then select flash mode in flashing tool software like a below picture and press ok.

After pressing ok you will see a window like below picture 

Now here you have to press Flash and you will see a window like below picture which show Preparing Flash

Now after the above window you will see a window like below picture and here you have to Power Off your device before following the below picture screen instructions

Now as shown in above picture follow on screen instruction and your device will be back to stock firmware. This process is going to take little bit of more time, but dont touch any thing unless you will see Flashing is complete 




  1. Azam Bhai koi Karbonn A111 keliye Rom h kya plz dekh kr bata na &

    Mujhe Xperia Z ki ( Bootanimation + Shutdownanimation or PowerOn + PowerOf Sounds ) Plz Apke System/media se Copy kr ke dona Plz Plz Plz

    Thnx Advance Plz bhai

  2. Hi can u help me i cant finde one fore my Xperia Z c6603 no stock firmware works pls help me so i can root my Z

  3. hi, i love ur video and work, please keep it up. Am in nigeria and i use an unbranded xperia z1 (c6903). i have been looking for a way to downgrade to 14.1.G.1.534, but i seem to have a generic/location problem. i have downloaded and flashed the global version pf this firmware and i cant seem to get any network signal in my country. i flashed a global version of 14.2.A.0.290 and it worked perfectly. i need the .534 so i can root my device. thanks once again, will appreciate help from any user too. thanks! contact:

  4. Need help
    Hi. There friend! My name is Noor and I live in Norway.
    I have sony xperia z1 c6903 with version 4.2.2 with build number 14.1.G.2.257 . I have flash tool in my PC .
    I want to flash my xperia with new stock firmware but I 'm not sure what firmware should I download? can you please help me to find the right firmware for my xperia z1? thank

  5. all links to firmware is broken

  6. hy,, can you help me,,

    i cant download flashtool in putlocker,

    please,, give new link

  7. where can i download xperia z ultra sol24 version (Japan) ?

  8. I tried to flash stock firmware using flash tool. All is going well until it got stuck in flashing process. When I connected my xperia z1 c6902 in flashback mode the process gets started but it stucked for hours in flashing. Flashing never complete. Plz help

  9. I tried to flash stock firmware using flash tool. All is going well until it got stuck in flashing process. When I connected my xperia z1 c6902 in flashback mode the process gets started but it stucked for hours in flashing. Flashing never complete. Plz help

  10. Hi guys, I am using Sony xperia z1 c6902 and it's rooted, with stock recovery n bootloader locked. I am facing bootloop problem. It's stuck in bootloop. I tried flashtool to flash stock firmware. But it stucked in flashing. Process gets started but then it stucked in flashing for hours. Can't understand what's the problem? Any suggestions.

  11. Is it applicable on Sony XPERIA T? if yes, then please guide us properly.

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