Thursday, 21 November 2013

Qualcomm Announced Next generation Snapdragon 805 Ultra HD processor

Qualcomm introduced  the next generation mobile processor Snapdragon 805.  Snapdragon 805 is the first commercial mobile processor that supports Ultra HD display, including support for Ultra HD UI, gaming and imaging, as well as video capture and playback. 

Ultra HD Display:

Snapdragon 805 powered devices not only allow users to enjoy the crystal-clear Ultra HD on-device display resolution, but they’ll also be able to simultaneously output Ultra HD content to an HDTV and that's really something people were waiting for.


Snapdragon 805 processors also allow users to take, edit and share higher quality photos in low light conditions. The world’s first commercial mobile 1GPixel/s (Giga-pixel per second) ISP (image signal processor) packs a large increase in ISP and CPP (camera postprocessor) speed and throughput, empowering users to take sharper, higher resolution photos with advanced post-processing features for low light conditions.

Graphics and Gaming:
Snapdragon 805 powered devices are equipped with Adreno 420 GPU which is expected to perform smooth in gaming and  this the first commercial mobile GPU to introduce hardware tessellation and geometry shaders, which provide greater detail for visually stunning, realistic scenes and objects in a manner that requires less memory bandwidth and lower power consumption, so hopefully the devices will have less heating issues. 
Fast, Seamless Connectivity:
Snapdragon 805 processor will enjoy fast, seamless connected mobile experiences, thanks to Qaulcomm 4th generation LTE modem, the MDM9x35. which is first commercial 20nm modem chipset and the first commercial chipset to support 40MHz LTE Advanced CA on both LTE TDD and LTE FDD duplexing modes. It also allows LTE Category 6 data rates of up to 300 Mbps download, so its going to be faster than its predecessor. 
The Snapdragon 805 processor is expected to be available in commercial devices by the first half of 2014 and I am sure lot of tech lovers are eager to get there hands on this mighty chip devices.


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  2. Great news post. I am a fan of Qualcomm and cant wait until i can get my hands on this new generation of technology. I have a new PC which i am building and currently my screen save is this Destiny 2 Wallpaper which i think makes my set up awesome and completes the design which i was aiming for. Now to just save up and buy those Qualcomm chips . . .