Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Hello fandroids, this is a step by step tutorial to show you how you can easily root and unroot and then install Plat Store on your Nokia X, X+ and XL in a easy steps using a Frame software (this method doesn’t require pc to root your device, all the things can be done easily on your phone itself). Dont use rooting to pirate applications and games, only use it for productive work. I am showing you this guide because lot of people are worried about the phone storage and want to transfer games in to their  external sd card to play games and as well as they are missing playstore from Nokia X.

 To Root and Unroot your Nokia X with playstore you have to download below three files on   
 your PC or else you can download them directly into your Nokia X

1.     Download a frame root software in your pc or mobile directly by pressing a link below:

2.    Download Root Explorer in your Pc or mobile

3.    Download Playstore File on your Pc rather than directly to your mobile because this is a   winrar file  


Once you download all the above link in your Pc they will look like below picture on your Pc. The third file in a below picture is Winrar File  and you have to extract it on your Pc using a Winrar. 

After Extracting the "NokiaX_Gapps_KashaMalaga_28.02.2014" using Winrar you will see a folder like below picture

    Now copy all the files highlighted in the below in to your phone Internal Memory inside Download           
    Folder like a below pictures by connecting your phone with your Pc using Usb lead

 Now after following all the above steps disconnect your phone from PC and on your phone get into
 Astro File manager as shown in the picture below, if unluckily you dont have Astro File Manager download it  from Nokia Store which is integrated in the phone itself.

    Now get inside Astro File Manager and you see a window like below picture on your phone 

    Now get inside a sdcard0 and you will see all the internal storage files like a below picture 

  Now here you have to get into a download folder because we have transfer three files to Nokia X    
  inside download folder and you will see three folders like below picture 

  Now click on the Frameroot file to install it on your phone like a below picture 

  Now open framearoot and to Root your device by  pressing  Gandalf  like below pictures 

  Now like a below picture you will see that rooting is successful

Now you have successfully Rooted your device with Root Access and its time to restart your device     to install Play Store 

Please Note: This method is a old method to install root on Nokia X, X+ & XL if you have updated your device you may be not Gaining root access on your Nokia X, X+ & XL. So watch below links to Root your Nokia X, X+ & XL. There are two methods to root these devices.

1. Nokia Root Tool Kit

2. Nokia X Manager

If you don't want to root your device and simply want to install Play Store press watch below link


To install Play Store on Nokia X you have to get in to Astro File Manager again and then get into phone internal storage to access 2nd file which is shown below in blue folder and called Root Explorer. Install this file on your phone.

   After installing Root Explorer on your phone open it up and you will see a window like below picture    on your phone 

  Now you have to scroll down the above page on your phone to search for sdcard folder like a below     picture 

  Now once you get into sdcard files you will see your phone internal storage and you have to search    
  for a Download folder like a below picture

  Now inside download folder we have "NokiaX_Gapps_KashaMalaga_28.02.2014" like a below   

  Now get into NokiaX_Gapps_KashaMalaga_28.02.2014 folder  and you will see several Apks inside a   folder like a below picture 

 Now tick all the Apks like below picture because we have to copy them into system/apps folder 

 Make sure all the 23 Apks are ticked like above picture, now press copy icon which is appearing on the left  bottom corner in the above picture. After pressing Copy icon press back key on Nokia X  three times and  search for system folder like below picture and get inside system folder.

  Inside system folder there is a app folder like a below picture get inside it and press copy here 

   Now after doing this step you will see a window like below picture and here you have to press    
   Grant Access

  Now you have successfully installed playstore on your device and after restarting your device you will   see a Playstore like a below picture 


Its very easy to unroot your Nokia X using a Framearoot just get into Framaroot and now like a below picture select unroot and press Gandalf.

Video Turorial is coming soon.