Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How To Play Flash Player & Unblock Sites On Android 4.4.2 & Below Devices In Simple Way

Hello Android Users this post is for those people who want to play flash player content things and unblock different websites using  their Android devices in easy way, it doesn't matter which android device you are using, whether it is Samsung Galaxy S5, Htc One M8 and many more..... , I have already made a solution for this flash player problem on Youtube and you can watch that video by pressing this link: However if the given Youtube video doesn't solved out your problem you can watch this step by step tutorial with captions to overcome flash player and blocked site problem.


First of all download a Puffin Browser from below link, this is a free apk, but I highly suggest you guys to pay for this app on Playstore to support developer. However, if you still want this app in free download it for free from a below link. 

Apk File Link

Play Store Link:

If you download it from playstore, its going to install directly on your phone, but now let see how you can install it manually. First of all copy and paste above zippyshare link to your browser address bar to download puffin browser on your device like a below picture.

After downloading puffin browser on your device you have to get in to the setting of your device and you have to search for a Security option in setting like a below picture. Below caption is for Note 3, but Security option almost appear on every other android device. Follow all instructions in captions below.

Make sure that Unknown Sources is ticked under security like a above picture, otherwise you wouldnt able to install apk manually. 


Now get in to your file manager like a below picture which is already integrated on Samsung devices to locate the file you have downloaded from Zippyshare link so we can install that apk into our phone. Please note if you are using Htc and Sony devices which doesnt have file manager then simply download Dual File Manager from playstore and then you can locate apk that you have downloaded from zippysahre.

Now all the things have done and you have successfully installed Puffin Browser to play Flash player on websites and you can also block all the sites that are restricted on your area or Country.

Please Note: If Puffin Browser give you a message to update it please ignore it. 

Video Tutorial Is Coming Soon :