Thursday, 14 August 2014


Samsung unveiled its latest addition to its Galaxy series on 13th of August in the shape of Galaxy Alpha with metal frame finally after listening to consumers  with 4.7 inches of display and Snapdragon 801 processor for Europe and America) and Exynos 5430 processor for Asia. 


Alpha has 4.7 inches of Super Amoled HD  720p Display with 312 pixels per inch not Full Hd resolution which people expecting from the new flagship. However a good sign about this display is Local Contrast Algorithm, Super Dimming and Adaptive Display Technology which automatically dim the display of your phone in dark environment. Lot of people argue why this device doesnt have 1080p display because we already have S5 with 1080p display. One of the reason for this device not being 1080p display is a direct competition with Apple upcoming Iphone 6.


Alpha is powered with mighty Snapdragon 801 “performance kicker” processor with a 2.5 GHZ clock speed and 2gb of Ram if you live in American and Europe Region. For Asian Region its going to pack Exynos 5430 Octa Core processor with 8 cores along Cortex A-15 1.8GHZ Quad Core Processor and Cortex A-7 1.3ghz Quad Core Processor. 


Samsung Galaxy Alpha is not too different in design from Samsung devices especially when you compare it with s5 and note 3, but a good thing in this device is its metal frame which makes it a premium build quality phone. Dimensions of phones are 5.21 x 2.58 x 0.26 inches (132.4 x 65.5 x 6.7 mm ) and it is only 115 grams lighter. However it is still not confirmed whether we have plastic back cover at the back of a device or this time Samsung have used another material to make a back battery cover. Speaker grill is  at the bottom right side of the device like note 3. The device is equipped with Heart Rate Sensor, Finger Print Scanner which is situated below 12Mp camera of the device and unfortunately this is not going to be a water resistant device.


Alpha will comes up with Android 4.4.4 Kitkat and runs Samsung Touch Wiz with some ultra features like Ultra Power Saving Mode which will enable your device last up to 20hrs on standby, if your battery goes at 10%. Moreover one of the great features is Kid Mode and finger print sensor which will allow users to protect their personal files inside phone like S5 as well as it can be used to do payments. Alpha also have heart rate sensor, motion sensors which found in S5. 
Internal Memory

There's 32GB of built-in storage in the device with no micro sd card slot, so this time internal memory is limited in the device


Alpha packs Advanced 4G LTE connectivity whether you arw getiing Exynos Or Snapdragon because this time Exynos support 4G LTE, it will also have NFC, Bluetooth,  Ultra Wifi (this is the fastest wifi speed you can get on your phones, GPS, AGPS, Wifi Tethering and packs all other connectivity options that we have on S4.


Alpha is equipped with 1860 MAh battery which seems to me very low as compared to S5 Mini and as well as compared to 2800mah battery of S5


Alpha has 12 MP camera instead of 16mp and 13 mp camera on S5 and S4 at the back which is capable of recording 1080p (4k) videos at 30 Fps . It also has new camera modes like Virtual Tour Shot, Select Focus Mode which will allow users to focus on two objects at the same time, HDR (Rich Tone) is redefined as the users don’t have to hold their device until the device clarify the image, just take a photo and it will auto adjust a picture in your Alpha. On the front of Alpha we have 2.1 Mega pixel camera which is very good for Video Calling.

Final Verdict

To give my final verdict we are going to use a SWOT analysis below


Alpha is a first premium build quality phones by Samsung so offcourse if you are Samsung loyal and want premium build quality phone Samsung have finally listened to theirr consumers and made a premium build quality phone. This will be first Samsung device to feature Exynos 5430 processor with 4g Lte to give Samsung better edge in market with new chip against Snapdragon 801.


One of the weaknesses I have found in Alpha is its 1860 MAH battery that seems to me very low in comparison to S5, S5 mini, S4 and many more and offcourse before buying this device people will think about this. Secondly the device is missing micro sd card slot and 1080p display which offcourse raise some questions about storing more content on the phone. 


Finger Print Sensor, Heart Rate Sensor, First Exynos 5430 device with 4g Lte, first premium build quality phone from Samsung.


The biggest threat to Samsung Galaxy Alpha is Samsung own Samsung Galay S5 and will be Note 4, Iphone 6 and many more devices that are going to equipped with Snapdragon 805 processor in 2014.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha  is expected to fall on shelves on 15th  of April, price is not confirmed yet but you can expect the device to be around £390 and may be avive than this. The main reason to launch this device is to compete against Apple upcoming Iphone 6 as the rumors suggest, but let see what its going to bring for the Samsung and how apple will affected with the release of this phone 

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  1. Samsung unveiled its latest addition to its Galaxy series on 13th of August in the shape of Galaxy Alpha with metal frame finally after listening to ...

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  3. Samsung unveiled its latest addition to its Galaxy series on 13th of August in the shape of Galaxy Alpha with metal frame finally after listening to ...

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