Saturday, 7 March 2015


Sunday, 1 March 2015


Samsung unveiled its latest addition to its Galaxy series in the shape of S6, with 5.1 inches of  Quad Hd Display and Exynos processor, better low light camera and video capability, gorilla glass on the back and front with metal frame and built in battery.


Samsung Galaxy S6 has 5.1 inches of Super Amoled Quad HD Display with 577 pixels per inch which people expecting from the new flagship from Samsung and finally we have got a better display on S6 not even that its also a first device to feature that much pixel density. On the other hand S6 Edge has same display but its display curves from both side and make it a unique phone in the market with these type of high display specs. 


S6 & S6 Edge are powered with mighty Exynos 7420 chip which is build on 14nm processor and 3gbs LDDR 4 ram which offcourse brings more power on the device as compared to many high end hand sets in the market. Its also packed with Mali-T760 MP8 gpu that supports hardware tessellation and gives you better graphics performance while playing games.


Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are same in design, but at some extent they are different from each other as Edge curves from both sides with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, whereas S6 is packed with straight glass on the front. S6 & Edge have metal frame on the sides but these metal frame are more visible on S6 rather than Edge because most area of Edge is covered with its glass. However, a good thing is their build quality from the back side because this time Samsung have put a Gorilla glass at the back side of these devices and eliminated a plastic cover found on their Galaxy flag ships to make them a premium build quality phones.


S6 will comes up with Android Lollipop 5.0 and Samsung Touch Wiz with some of the extra and clean features as compared to S5, but all other features remains the same like  Ultra Power Saving Mode which will enable your device last up to 20hrs on standby, if your battery goes at 10%, kide mode, private mode and many more motion sensors. Moreover one of the great features is a fast battery charging of the phone because when you connect your phone with charger for 10 minutes you phone will give you a 4 hrs of battery timing which is really quick and fast enough to handle all day long busy life. Its now also capable of making payments from phone on the go with NFC capabilities and Samsung Payment feature. 

Internal Storage

There is 32GB of built-in storage in the device, but you can buy 64gbs and 128gbs variant of both phones and there is a option to put a sd card on these devices as well.


S6 packs Advanced 4G LTE connectivity, NFC, Bluetooth,  Ultra Wifi (this is the fastest wifi speed you can get on your phones, GPS, AGPS, Wifi Tethering and packs all other connectivity options that we have on S4.


Samsung Galaxy S6 is equipped with 2550 MAh battery while Edge is powered with 2600 MAh batttery which seems to me 200 MAh lower than the power of S5, but it has very fast charging capability and give you 4hrs of battery timing with only 10 minutes of charging which is really good and this time its also supports wireless charging . However, it would be much better if they have tipped it with 3000 MAh.


S6 has 16 MP camera at the back which is capable of recording 1080p (4k) videos at 30 Fps which is big improvement in terms of video recording and camera as now it has the capability of capturing photos and videos in low lightning condition in normal settings. Another good thing about S6 is its 5mp front camera with better lense which will offcourse help out users in taking self shots in low lightning conditions as well as supports fast auto focus to catch moving things more quicker. 

Final Verdict

To give my final verdict we are going to use a SWOT analysis below


S6 packs a eye catching  5.1 inches of Quad Hd display with 577 pixels per inch, Finger Print Sensor with fast mobile payments through NFC, Heart Rate Sensor with mute sensor, metal frame with glass on the back and front and as well as it has very nice back and 5Mp front facing camera to capture photos and videos in low light conditions. Moreover it has fast charging capabilities which off course more eye catching for busy users and as well as it has fast processor and Gpu with LDDR 3gbs of ram


I have not find out any main weakness in the phone at all the things seems to me good as now a phone is a premium build  quality phone with many extra features. However nothing is 100% perfect in the world and may be when we will have our hand on phone slowly and steady we will see some of the weaknesses.


S6 and Edge can avail lot of opportunity in the market as these phones have premium build quality as well as they are powered with Exynos 7420 processor with 14nm which makes them better than Snapdragon 810 processor that is built on 20nm processor and found out on many of its competitor like Z4 and Htc One M9.


The biggest threat to Samsung Galaxy S6 is M9  and Sony Xperia Z4 and many more devices that release in 2015. 

Samsung Galaxy S6  is expected to fall on shelves on 10th April, price is not confirmed yet